Bina Bumnuckle

Dare you to try and hold onto that weapon...


The Bumknuckles revered Yondalla, Goddess of Halflings, and were a good and kind people as were all halflings of the isolated farming village of Dandygrass. Thus, it was no surprise that when Churchill Bumknuckle took an outsider, Slippy Poplittle, for a bride, Slippy was welcomed into the fold as one of their own. They had only one child, Bina, whom they loved with all their hearts. Unfortunately Churchill drowned in a fishing accident when Bina was quite young. Before he died however, he had taught Bina that a halfling may be a baker or a blacksmith while in Dandygrass…but the only way halflings could ever survive outside of their own communities was by their quickness and cunning…in the outside world these were the halfling’s only asset.

Her father was correct. When she left in search of adventure at the age of 19 she had many a brush with death because of her ignorance of the outside world. Quickly though she learned the way of the rogue…how clumsy were humans…how single-minded the dwarves…how stupid were orcs, goblins, and their kin. She thrived stealing from the rich and giving to the poor in every city she came to.

After 3 years of adventurous wandering she recieved a distressing letter from her mother, Slippy. The cleric of their village, Grabby-Grabby had gone mad after Yondalla had not sent rains in months and her people were starving. In desperation he betrayed Yondalla to Talos: God of Storms. Completely loony, he now drenched their fields until nothing would grow, and tyrrannically subjected the village to his mad whim with “Cyclonis” his magical sling, imbued with lightning of death. Bina would not allow such cruelty to befall such good and loving halfling people. She returned to her homeland throwing the sharpest dagger she had ever stolen through the eye of the cleric. Before she continued on her journeys, the one enchanter of the village crafted her exquisite leather armor studded with mithral. Cyclonis was now her trophy, and she was hero to halflings far and wide.

Upon hearing of her mother’s death years later, she decided to pay her respects in person. The body had been sent miles away, back to the family tomb on the Poplittle estate in Slippy’s native homeland. As Bina’s tears dampened her mother’s shroud, her watery eyes noticed a shining rapier clutched by a skelloten on a neighboring bier. As she touched the hilt, a shock went through her body and her mind was burned and hissed with magical fire. These remains were once her great-grandfather Crak Popplittle. Hundreds of years ago he and a group of virtuous heros equiped themselves with sentient weapons and artifacts on a quest to destroy any self-aware object that willfully does evil. This blade’s name was “Leggo”. Bina knew all of this because in an instant she knew all that the blade knew. This ancestrial blade a living thing with a mind all its own. This was powerful magic. Made for halfling hands, Leggo’s thin blade had the ability to disarm even the most tenacious swordsman.

Until now her life had been exciting but lacked direction. Now that she held Leggo, this was not the case. The two of them would fight as one. After hundreds of years, the hands that clutch to evil iron would once again feel the vicious stab of the halfling.

Bina Bumnuckle

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